NLVA Short Serves

NLVA Short Serves is a monthly column produced by the NLVA. We will bring you stories about former and current NLVA personalities at home and around the world.

With so many great players, coaches, and volunteers, we feel we have a duty to bring some of these great stories to the public.

The Story Of Zack and Josh Ennis

NLVA Mini-Volleyball

There is Volleyball Life After 50

2009 - 2010 NLVA Award Winners

Rod Durrant visits NLVA Coaches

MUN Volleyball in Labrador

Max Burt

Tommy Kelly

Wanda Brenton (Griffen)

A Family's Contribution

Clarenville Tigers

Brother Rice Celtics

Sea-Hawk Krista Parsons

Sea-Hawk Mike Arns

Maura Hayes - Newfoundland

Adam Fowler - Bermuda